Recommended Suppliers

“It’s all in the detail”

Melville Castle is very pleased to be associated with a number of partner companies who provide services for weddings and events.  Suppliers contact information is listed below for your ease and you can view further information at the back of our wedding brochure.

BeautyCaroline 5610099 794990
Entertainment/FavoursPinnies & Poppyseedswww.pinniesandpoppyseeds.com0131 2617012
Fireworks21CChttp://21ccgroup.com0131 3314509
FlowersNarcissus 478 7447
FlowersThe Queensferry Flower 849279
FlowersFloral 6646588
PhotographyAlastair Burn-Murdochwww.abmphotography.com0131 4482041
PhotographyRyal 855850
PhotographyPhoto By 4761919
PhotographyPhilip Hawkinswww.philiphawkinsphotography.com0131 5532970
PhotographyOrange Lemurwww.orangelemur.com0785 888 5537
PipersScott 525522
PipersJohn Mackintoshwww.highlandpiper.org0131 5564342
Lighting/DancefloorBlue Parrotwww.blueparrotevents.com0131 5103333
MusicSweet Inspiration07881874 68307518980382
MusicAlex Graham
Lighting/DancefloorEnchanted 650018
Entertainment/FavoursCandy 623 8600

With special thanks to Orange Lemur Photography and Philip Hawkins for supplying many of the wedding images which feature on these pages. Please visit their websites for further information.